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Frequently asked Questions


Do you make installments on credit card?

Through the iyzico payment system, we can make installments up to 12 months on all credit cards. After you enter your credit card number at the credit card payment step, you can see the installment options specific to your card.

Do you receive payments by money order or EFT?

You can make your payment by adding your order number to the explanation section in the e-mail you receive after selecting Transfer & EFT just below the iyzico option in the payment step, and to our account number, which is also located under the Company Information heading on our website. After your payment, shipping will be done and shipping information will be shared with you.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy and how can I request a Return?

You can return our products unused and unopened by using your right of withdrawal within 14 days. You can find detailed information on our Return Conditions page and you can start the return process from the "Request a Return" link on the page of the relevant order under the My Account heading.

Why do you charge shipping fee under 750.00 TL?

We do not prefer to reflect hidden shipping charges on our sales prices. We are in favor of seeing clearly what the customer pays and how much.

Although shipping fees vary according to volume and company, they can create a significant cost for e-commerce sites. We do not charge a shipping fee for your purchases over 750.00 TL, but we charge different shipping rates in the range of 0 - 750.00 TL, but we try to reflect the high shipping charges to our customers as little as possible.

We are aware of the fact that free shipping for every purchase, regardless of the amount, has a positive effect on the shopping attitude, but we believe that a percentage increase for all toys in order to meet the free shipping to be applied to all purchases will have a negative return to the customer and naturally in the long run.

Where do you ship to?

We are currently able to ship within the borders of Türkiye.


Why not sell your products in major online stores and marketplaces?

Sadeoyyya has undertaken the ethical business model as a mission and does not sell its products in any store or marketplace that does not share its values. It is also determined not to sacrifice these values ​​for short-term expectations. Although it receives offers from Turkey's big online stores and marketplaces, it does not accept to take place in these stores due to various principled reasons.

Do you have a store where I can see the toys?

Of course, we think that it is also important to experience toys and see them on the spot. We want our customers to experience the quality of our Grimms, Grapat, Waytoplay, Sarah's Silks, Voggenreiter, Corvus and all other brands, of which we are the sole authorized dealer in Turkey, by touching them.

We have experience shop plans when conditions are met. The conditions of our country will be decisive, but our desire is for this to happen as soon as possible.

Are you producing?

No, just toyyy only delivers the toys of the manufacturers and brands that work on the axis of certain values ​​to the end users.

Fiyatları nasıl belirliyorsunuz?

sadeoyuncak temsilciliğini aldığı markalar ile yaptığı anlaşmalar gereği belirli kurallara tabidir. Avrupa EUR satış fiyatlarına uluslararası lojistik ve ürün özelinde gümrük prosedür vb masraflar eklenerek satış fiyatları belirlenmektedir.

Orjinal markalarımız Avrupa menşeili olduğundan ve EUR bazlı satıldığından doğal olarak fiyatlarımız EUR/TL kuru dalgalanmalarından etkilenmektedir. 

sadeoyuncak düzenli aralıklar ile EUR/TL kurundaki değişiklikleri dikkate alarak her iki yönde gerekli düzeltmeleri yapmaktadır ancak kısa vadeli dalgalanmaları dikkate alması maalesef lojistik olarak mümkün değildir.


I am a local toy manufacturer, can I sell my toys on your site?

plaintoys is particularly interested in manufacturers that make small but principled production, with a unique and identity. You can send an e-mail, if any, on this subject, including your catalog or pictures/website, where you share information about your production process, raw material/material information and certificates, if any, to the address or You can visit tr . We will get back to you as soon as possible.