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Sarah's Silks Earth Playsilks - Desert

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Open Ended Play
Fine Motor Skills
Imagination & Creativity

Natural silk for playing. Fabric, tent, tablecloth, kite for fancy costume. In short, a unique game object that can help and enrich your fiction in fantasy and open-ended play. Mini playsilks are the perfect size for little hands! 

Here are some places little ones can use them:

  • Tent or blanket for figure dolls
  • peek-a-boo
  • Grass or meadow
  • sailing on a boat
  • A pond or sea
  • Soup in a pot
  • Dancing and listening to music
  • a pouch
  • tablecloth
  • a gift wrap

These play fabrics are made from 100% soft silk and dyed with natural, non-toxic dye. It is great material for the game. In order to preserve the quality of this fabric for a very long time, we recommend that you wash the fabric by hand. Kids often love to help out with the wash or wash it on their own: the texture of the fabric changes due to water, which is very interesting!

Please Hand wash / dry and keep away from fire! Suitable for Rudolf Steiner / Waldorf training.

Dimensions: 86x86cm.

Toy Safety: Age +3

  1. Put the toys in a place where your child can reach and play whenever they want (taking into account the age warnings).
  2. Besides, you can play a few different scenarios with your own creativity. It is important to set boundaries, as this is the most enjoyable part of the job. :)
  3. Reduce the number of active toys and the total number of toys. You can find our article on the subject at this link .
  4. Let the toy in your hand be and do anything. Let your child create the fiction he wants with his imagination.