about us

Before their first day at school, every child needs some basic skills to help them take their first steps towards independence. In addition to basic motor skills, cognitive skills are the most basic skill groups for a child who is starting to stand on their own feet. These skills, especially gained through direct and creative games at an early age, have an undeniable importance not only during pre-school or school life, but also for our child, who is on the way to becoming an adult individual in every moment of his life. In a situation where the game is so important, it is obvious how effective the toy or game objects can be.

We hope that you can find answers to your questions about our site, us and our goals, based on the importance of game objects. Please contact us for more detailed information.

We are two entrepreneurs, husband and wife, whose outlook on the world, expectations and interests of life have changed with the addition of our first child to our family in 2016. For detailed information, you can visit www.greenjump.com.tr .

We offer parents Waldorf and Montessori toys focused on improving their children's cognitive and motor skills. We apply the ethical business model and do not include toys that do not comply with this model and that we believe do not contribute to child development. In addition to the production methods of the brands we work with, their missions and identities are also important to us. We want to encourage our parents who shop with us to buy more functional toys, and we do not only look at the profit-oriented work we do, but we are proud of the other dimensions of our work.

The best toy for babies and toddlers is the simplest one, ideally the one that does nothing. Two types of toys can be found in the market, active and passive. The common feature of passive toys is that they support cognitive and physical development processes by activating the child and contribute directly to the development of the child. On the other hand, active toys allow the child to remain passive and be entertained by the toy. In other words, it negatively affects the child's ongoing cognitive and physical development processes. While both types of toys can entertain the child for hours, the advantage of the passive toy compared to the other type is that it encourages the child's exploration and ignites the imagination. This is one of the most important elements for the development of babies and young children.

For this reason, we see the products we sell not as toys but as game objects and tools. In fact, for a child, everything around him can be a game object. Even if they do not move and sing, unlike toys that do this, passive toys will improve the child's imagination and gain new abilities, and will improve their problem-solving skills by developing motor skills.

We want to influence the toy choices of parents and encourage them to buy simpler and better toys, create a community of not only customers but also parents with similar concerns and problems around the plaintoys brand, and see that the business model we apply can be implemented in Turkey, albeit on a small scale.

We want to be a part of the increasing awareness and positive transformation that we have been watching and experiencing with interest in the game and toy culture for a while.

In addition to the function of the toy, it is indispensable for us that ethical values ​​(no child labor etc.) are adhered to during the production process, that the principles of fair and ethical trade are taken care of, that it is safe for children's health and is sensitive to the environment.

First of all, we prefer brands whose production and supply processes are transparent and in line with our values. The material and paint used, its suitability for age and whether it contributes to child development, whether it is a passive toy, its environmental impact, user evaluations are the main factors we consider when choosing toys.