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Voggy's Flute Master - (German fingering)

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Open Ended Play
Fine Motor Skills
Imagination & Creativity

This flute made of sycamore wood and the accompanying Flute Master application will encourage musical curiosity.

"Flute Master" app
With Flute Master, you can learn to play the recorder easily and with a lot of fun. You play with a real recorder - the app recognizes your tones via the built-in microphone of your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Flute Master features 30 songs created specifically for the recorder and lessons with a story, loving animations and characters. But with Flute Master, you learn not only to play the recorder, but also to read the notes and feel the rhythm.

Didactic approach:
- Innovative learning system for finger positioning and reading notes
- 30 music tracks specially composed for the Flute Master with a didactic background (rock, hip-hop, reggae, classical, etc.)
- Constantly increasing difficulty level
- Developed in collaboration with students and tested by independent teachers
- Co-play function for all music tracks for practice and ear training
- Integrated color system for displaying scores makes notes easy to read
- for lessons (group or individual lessons) or at home.

- Real-time recognition of the instrument via the microphone
- Operation: touch screen or mouse
- Recording finger: Baroque, German
- Available for Windows 7/8/10, iOS (from v.10), Android (from v.5.0, appropriate device required) and macOS (from 10.12 onwards).
- Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Danish
- License for 3 end devices

Numerous awards:
- 1st place worldwide for "Educator's choice" from Microsoft Partners in Education
- APP of the year from Innteach
- 5 stars from TOP Best Best Apps for Kids

Voggenreiter is one of Germany's leading music and music-related books publishing houses . In addition to offering the best educational materials to its readers since 1919, the company has also added musical instruments to its product range, specially designed for use in early music education.

Recommended Age: 5+ Years

  1. Put the toys in a place where your child can reach and play whenever they want (taking into account the age warnings).
  2. Besides, you can play a few different scenarios with your own creativity. It is important to set boundaries, as this is the most enjoyable part of the job. :)
  3. Reduce the number of active toys and the total number of toys. You can find our article on the subject at this link .
  4. Let the toy in your hand be and do anything. Let your child create the fiction he wants with his imagination.